Praxa Sense secures investment round: Certified remote patient monitoring within reach

Liselotte StolkFunding

Delft, July 2023 – The Dutch MedTech startup Praxa Sense, a company with leading solutions in remote patient monitoring, successfully secured an investment round to enter the commercialisation phase. This round is led by business angel investor Arthur Oudshoorn together with a group of informal investors. Arthur is an experienced Entrepreneur with a proven track record in the biotech market. The benefits Praxa’s revolutionary technology brings to the healthcare market triggered his interest;”The breakthrough technology that Praxa Sense is providing to the healthcare market will be a game-changer in remote patient care. The enthusiasm with which the product has been received by patients during trials has exceeded all our expectations. I am proud to contribute to this “all Dutch” innovation in healthcare.” Praxa Sense, founded in 2018 by Leonard Moonen and Liselotte Stolk, initially focused on the early detection of atrial fibrillation. During the covid-crisis the solution was extended to reliably monitor a variety of patients’ vital signs (heart rate, blood saturation, temperature, movement). Simultaneously a revolutionary new sensor is developed in collaboration with the Delft University of Technology, Fraunhofer and … Lees meer

Praxa Sense received ZonMW Subsidy

Liselotte StolkFunding

zonmw subsidy video

Praxa Sense received ZonMW subsidy Praxa Sense received €15.000 from ZonMW to transform Afi into a home monitoring device for COVID-19 patients. With this subsidy, Praxa Sense can add oxygen saturation (SpO2) sensors to Afi. Oxygen saturation is a vital parameter that indicates the blood’s oxygen level. Oxygen saturation Praxa Sense develops Afi, a medical multi-sensor system that can detect heart rhythm disorders early by continuous monitoring. Afi monitors heart rate, respiratory rate, ECG and patient activity with an ECG, PPG- and IMU sensor. The PPG-sensor will be adjusted to enable monitoring oxygen saturation as well. Praxa Sense received ZonMW subsidy to complete this project. Within the ZonMW project, the oxygen saturation sensor be developed, validated and manufactured. ZonMW video Leonard Moonen (CEO) and Muriël van Oers (Clinical Research Coordinator), were invited to join a video production of ZonMW. Click here to watch the video. Read more Read more about Afi on our Product page or Contact Us.