Heart monitoring with Afi 1.0

Afi is a small, user friendly device that measures ECG-data up to 30 days.

Why Afi?

30 day monitoring

Afi can continuously gather ECG-data for up to 30 days.


Afi has IPx6 rating, meaning it can be worn in the shower.

User friendly

Afi is designed with patient comfort in mind.


Afi 1.0

Praxa Sense designed Afi, a user-friendly device with only one sticker and no cables involved. It is convenient for a patient and provides the ability to shower and sleep without any worry.

Afi can be used for up to 30 days, increasing the amount of data that is gathered, this adds to the chance that a possible heart rhythm disease is detected.

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Our user-friendly designs allow easy operation by clinical professionals and patients. Instructions on how to operate Afi can be found in the User Manual.

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