Praxa Sense received ZonMW Subsidy

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Praxa Sense received ZonMW subsidy

Praxa Sense received €15.000 from ZonMW to transform Afi into a home monitoring device for COVID-19 patients. With this subsidy, Praxa Sense can add oxygen saturation (SpO2) sensors to Afi. Oxygen saturation is a vital parameter that indicates the blood’s oxygen level.

Oxygen saturation

Praxa Sense develops Afi, a medical multi-sensor system that can detect heart rhythm disorders early by continuous monitoring. 
Afi monitors heart rate, respiratory rate, ECG and patient activity with an ECG, PPG- and IMU sensor. The PPG-sensor will be adjusted to enable monitoring oxygen saturation as well. Praxa Sense received ZonMW subsidy to complete this project. Within the ZonMW project, the oxygen saturation sensor be developed, validated and manufactured.

ZonMW video

Leonard Moonen (CEO) and Muriël van Oers (Clinical Research Coordinator), were invited to join a video production of ZonMW. Click here to watch the video.

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