Eurostars #1: Praxa Sense’s AMBULAS project

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Praxa Sense is proud to announce its success in the most recent Eurostars round, where we ranked number 1 out of all 428 applications in Europe. With the AMBULAS project we will further develop our sensor system, the most accurate remote monitoring device for continuous passive measurements in an ambulant environment of (among others) ECG, blood oxygen saturation, temperature and movement. The combination of these measurements are highly valued in remote monitoring in multiple care paths.   During this project an additional revolutionary sensor will be developed that overcomes problems of inaccuracy due to motion sensitivity, one of the biggest obstacles in reliable remote monitoring. Thus, the device can provide relief to an overburdened healthcare system, while delivering regular and accurate readings that require minimal involvement from the patient.  We are proud of our collaboration with Catalyze, AdviCo Microelectronics and Fraunhofer Institute for Microelectronic Circuits and Systems n the development of this top-of-class Eurostars proposal and look forward to the partnership with our new international partners.  About Eurostars  Eurostars is a European innovation program and an initiative of EUREKA and the … Lees meer

Praxa Sense participates in ZorgTech program to validate Afi

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The ZorgTech program is a collaboration between Innovation Quarter, MRDH, TNO, Medical Delta and the province of Zuid-Holland which supports innovations. Praxa Sense participates in the ZorgTech program to validate and implement Afi which is a user-friendly health monitor that can be used at home. We are now focused on monitoring and detecting heart rhythm disorders. Within the ZorgTech program, Afi will be tested in clinical practice and medically approved in a clinical research study at Reinier de Graaf Gasthuis. Innovation Quarter visited our office for an interview with Leonard Moonen and the cardiologist Jan Constandse who performs research with Afi. You can read the full Dutch article here: