Praxa Sense part of batch #1 Techleap’s Pole Position

Liselotte StolkProgrammes

Pole Position Batch #1: Meet the 10 selected deeptech companies Techleap is on a mission to connect and empower startups to grow and sustain a productive tech community. They do this by utilizing a founder-centric approac. Therefore, we are very proud and happy to announce that Praxa Sense has been selected to be part of the first ‘Pole Position’ batch, organized by Techleap. Pole Position is a new, exclusive initiative aimed at facilitating deeptech startups’ growth. The first batch will focus on helping 10 ambitious deeptech companies within the medical field to reach the scaleup growth phase by providing tailored scaling knowledge from experts as well as facilitating peer-to-peer learning between participants. Found out more by following this link: