Clinical Technologist


We are Praxa Sense, a young medtech start-up working on the development of an innovative, data-driven device that enables long-term monitoring for heart rhythm disorders. We enable data collection over the long term and analyse this data using algorithms, which helps the medical professional (e.g. cardiologist) to diagnose diseases earlier. Because we are going to introduce a new healthcare product to the market, we need to do clinical trials and comply to rules and regulations on a medical class 2a device level. For this, we are on the lookout for an intern with a medical background that can guide these processes and that will be the point of contact for the various hospitals that we are in contact with.


Soon our first clinical trials will start. To guide the process and help set up the study in the hospital, we are looking for clinical technologists to support us and the hospital staff in the process. Please get in touch if you want to learn more about this position.


- Internship compensation.

- A responsible position with a lot of freedom.

- A medical background. Preferably a master student.

- Interest in rules & regulations on a medical level.

- You find it relatively easy to make contact with other people or actively want to develop this skill.

- You can take on a lot of responsibility for your own work but at the same time are able to work well in a team. You like to discuss and think with us about complex matters.

- You speak Dutch.

- An ambitious mindset and interested in the flexible world of a startup.

Interested/want to know more? Contact us at: